Zero Hour (Bradbury)

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Zero Hour
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A group of children, led by a seven-year-old girl, played a game called 'Invasion', which turned out to be a real alien invasion using children as their fifth column.

In a suburban neighborhood, children were playing a new game called "Invasion". The game was led by a seven-year-old girl named Mink, who was known for her loud and strong personality.

Mink Morris — seven-year-old girl; leader of the 'Invasion' game; loud, strong, and definite.

The game involved the children gathering household items and assembling them in the yard. Mink explained to her mother that they were helping beings from another planet invade Earth. She said that these beings had chosen to work with children because adults were too skeptical to believe in their existence.

Invasion!” said Mink. The door slammed.

As the day went on, the children's game intensified. Mink's mother, Mrs. Morris, became increasingly uneasy.

Mrs. Morris — Mink's mother; initially dismissive of the game, later becomes fearful.

She noticed a strange buzzing sound and an unusual light coming from the yard. When her husband came home from work, she convinced him to hide with her in the attic.

Mr. Morris — Mink's father; unaware of the true nature of the 'Invasion' game.

As they hid, they heard the children entering the house, led by Mink. The strange buzzing sound grew louder and the attic door lock melted. Mink opened the door and greeted her parents, indicating that the "invasion" had begun.