Vanity and Some Sables (Henry)

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Vanity and Some Sables
Summary of the Short Story
from the Collection «The Trimmed Lamp»
Microsummary: A former gang member turned plumber tried to impress his girlfriend with a set of fake sables, but when a detective accused him of stealing real sables, the truth about the cheap furs was revealed.

Kid Brady, a member of the notorious Stovepipe Gang, decided to leave his life of crime behind for the love of his girlfriend, Molly McKeever. He promised her that he would find a legitimate job and eventually marry her.

Kid Brady — former gang member turned plumber; vain, strong, caring, and devoted to his girlfriend.
Molly McKeever — Kid's girlfriend; supportive, loving, and proud of Kid's efforts to reform.

True to his word, Kid started working as a plumber's assistant and stayed away from his former gang. He told Molly, "I'll get work; and in a year we'll get married. I'll do it for you. We'll get a flat and a flute, and a sewing machine and a rubber plant and live as honest as we can."

Eight months later, Kid surprised Molly with a luxurious set of Russian sable furs, claiming he had saved up his earnings to buy them. Molly was initially overjoyed but soon became suspicious of how Kid could afford such expensive furs on his modest salary. However, she chose to trust him and proudly wore the furs in public.

Detective Ransom, who was familiar with Kid and his past, noticed the furs and suspected they were stolen from a recent burglary. He confronted Kid and Molly, offering to investigate the fur's origin to prove Kid's innocence. Kid initially agreed but then admitted that the furs were indeed the stolen ones. "No use. They're the Hethcote sables, all right. You'll have to turn 'em over, Moll, but they ain't too good for you if they cost a million."

Molly was heartbroken, fearing that Kid would be arrested and their future together ruined. However, Policeman Kohen, who had experience in the fur industry, examined the furs and declared them to be cheap imitations worth only a fraction of the price of genuine Russian sables. It turned out that the real stolen furs had been found in the owner's wardrobe. Kid was relieved but also embarrassed by his attempt to impress Molly with what he thought were expensive furs.

Molly, however, didn't care about the furs' value and was just happy to have her beloved Kid by her side. She told him, "What do I care for all the sables and money in the world. It's my Kiddy I want. Oh, you dear, stuck-up, crazy blockhead!" The couple was allowed to go free, and they continued their life together, leaving the criminal world behind.