Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut (Salinger)

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Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: Two former college roommates, Eloise and Mary Jane, reunite and reminisce about their past while drinking and discussing their current lives.

Mary Jane arrives at Eloise's house after getting lost on the way. They reminisce about their college days and the men they knew. Eloise tells Mary Jane about a soldier named Walt who made her laugh and was sweet.

Eloise — former college roommate of Mary Jane; left college in sophomore year; thin, pretty legs; camel's-hair coat.
Mary Jane — former college roommate of Eloise; married an aviation cadet; convertible car; wearing a cameo brooch.

Mary Jane asks if Eloise has told her husband, Lew, about Walt, but Eloise says she wouldn't because Lew wouldn't understand. They continue to talk and drink, and Eloise shares a story about Walt's sense of humor.

‘Poor Uncle Wiggily,’ he called it.

Mary Jane suggests that Eloise should tell Lew about Walt, but Eloise insists that it would only cause problems. They discuss Lew's lack of intelligence and his favorite author, L. Manning Vines. Eloise reveals that Walt died in an accident while serving in the army. Later, Eloise receives a phone call from someone who can't meet her, and she lies to get out of it. She then goes upstairs to check on Ramona, her daughter, who is sleeping in an odd position. Eloise moves her to the center of the bed and tucks her in.

‘Poor Uncle Wiggily,’ she said over and over again.

She then goes back downstairs and wakes up Mary Jane, crying and reminiscing about their college days.