Two Friends (Maupassant)

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Two Friends
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: Two friends went fishing during wartime, only to be captured by enemy soldiers, accused of being spies, and executed after refusing to give up their country's password.

In Paris, during a time of war and famine, two friends, Monsieur Morissot and Monsieur Sauvage, met on a fine January morning. Both were passionate fishermen and used to spend their Sundays fishing together.

Monsieur Morissot — watchmaker; passionate fisherman; loyal to his country; gentle, emotional.
Monsieur Sauvage — draper; passionate fisherman; loyal to his country; jovial, reasonable.

On this day, they decided to go fishing again, despite the ongoing war. They obtained permission from a Colonel and set off to their favorite fishing spot near the Island of Marante. As they fished, they discussed politics and the war, while the sound of bombardment echoed in the distance.

I say, isn't it heavenly? Couldn't be jollier!

Suddenly, they were captured by four German soldiers who accused them of being spies. The soldiers took them to their officer, who offered to let them go if they provided the password to get back through the French outposts. The friends refused to betray their country, and the officer ordered their execution.

Goodbye, Monsieur Sauvage! Goodbye, Monsieur Morissot!

The two friends were shot and killed by the German soldiers. Their bodies were tied to stones and thrown into the river. The officer, noticing the net full of fish they had caught, ordered his cook to fry them while they were still alive, commenting that they would be delicious.