Turntables of the Night (Pratchett)

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Turntables of the Night
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A man and his record-collecting friend run a disco, but the friend becomes terrified of a mysterious figure who appears at a Hallowe'en dance, leading to a supernatural encounter.

Wayne was a music enthusiast who collected records, while his friend was more into cars. Together, they decided to start a disco business, with Wayne providing the records and his friend supplying the van. Wayne's vast collection of records made their disco popular among older crowds who enjoyed the nostalgia of the music.

John — narrator; friend of the record collector; practical, protective.
Wayne — record collector; passionate about music; obsessive, introverted.

One night, they were booked for a Hallowe'en Dance. Wayne was acting strangely, claiming to see a man in a black silk suit with a skull mask who kept staring at him. His friend couldn't see the man, but noticed an empty space on the dance floor that seemed to move around. When he stood in the space, he heard a voice and saw the man Wayne had described. The man claimed to be a collector like Wayne and wanted to meet him.

'It's that bloke on the floor,' he said, 'the one in the flares.'

As Wayne and the mysterious man discussed their collections, Wayne's friend tried to intervene, but the man stopped him with an invisible force. The man revealed that he had collected records of deceased musicians like Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, and John Lennon. Suddenly, the power amp exploded, causing a fire in the hall. Wayne's friend was rescued, but Wayne was nowhere to be found.

Mr. Friend — mysterious figure; collector of souls; tall, skeletal, wears a skull mask.

Wayne's friend believed that the mysterious man had taken Wayne to join his collection of deceased musicians, giving him the opportunity to complete his own collection. The man had warned Wayne's friend to "drive safely" before disappearing, leaving him puzzled as to why the man had worn a skull mask when he looked the same underneath.