Tobin's Palm (Henry)

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Tobin's Palm
Summary of a short story
Microsummary: Two friends visited a palmist, who predicted good luck through a man with a crooked nose. They met such a man, who unknowingly led one friend to his long-lost love, fulfilling the prediction.

Tobin and his friend went to Coney Island to distract Tobin from his worries about his missing sweetheart, Katie Mahorner.

Daniel Tobin — Irish man in his 30s; superstitious, stubborn, searching for his lost sweetheart, Katie Mahorner; red eyes, moustache, strong; easily angered, loyal to friends.
Narrator — middle-aged man; Tobin's friend; practical, loyal, skeptical.

Despite their attempts to have fun, Tobin remained sad and preoccupied. In an effort to lift his spirits, Tobin decided to have his palm read by a fortune teller, Madame Zozo.

Madame Zozo — Egyptian Palmist; middle-aged, fat woman; red jumper with embroidered designs; mysterious, insightful.

Tobin believed in signs and omens, and hoped that the fortune teller could provide some insight into his future.

Madame Zozo told Tobin that he had experienced bad luck in his life, particularly in matters of love. She warned him to be wary of a dark man and a light woman, as they would bring him trouble. She also predicted that he would soon embark on a journey across water and suffer a financial loss. However, she also foresaw good fortune coming his way in the form of a man with a crooked nose.

As the day went on, Tobin and his friend encountered a series of misfortunes that seemed to confirm Madame Zozo's predictions. They met a dark-skinned man who caused trouble, and a light-haired woman who inadvertently caused Tobin to lose his hat. Tobin also discovered that he had lost some money.

Determined to find the man with the crooked nose who would bring him good luck, Tobin and his friend searched the city. Eventually, they found a man named Maximus G. Friedenhausman, who had a distinctly crooked nose.

Maximus G. Friedenhausman — man with crooked nose; literary man; tall, wears a hat, smokes cigars; friendly, intellectual, humorous.

Tobin and his friend befriended Maximus, who turned out to be a writer seeking inspiration from the world around him.

Maximus invited Tobin and his friend to his home for a late-night meal, where they met his new kitchen maid, Katie Mahorner. Tobin was overjoyed to find his lost sweetheart, and the friends celebrated their good fortune. In the end, it seemed that Madame Zozo's predictions had come true, and Tobin's faith in signs and omens was reaffirmed.