This Blessed House (Lahiri)

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This Blessed House
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A newlywed couple discovered Christian artifacts hidden throughout their new home. As they clashed over whether to keep or remove the items, they had to reconcile their differing views and expectations.

Sanjeev and Twinkle, a newly married couple, had just moved into a new house.

Sanjeev — husband; practical, meticulous, and somewhat set in his ways; an engineer being considered for a vice president position.
Twinkle (Tanima) — wife; whimsical, carefree, and curious; working on her master's degree.

As they started unpacking and exploring, they discovered various Christian paraphernalia hidden in strange places around the house.

"We're not Christian," Sanjeev said. Lately he had begun noticing the need to state the obvious to Twinkle.

Twinkle, enamored with these findings, took to displaying the items around their living room, much to the chagrin of Sanjeev who felt irritated by the predominantly Christian artifacts since they were not Christian.

One day, while raking the lawn, Twinkle discovered a plaster statue of Virgin Mary and insisted on keeping it in their front yard. Despite his initial protests, Sanjeev reluctantly agreed to Twinkle's compromise of placing the statue to the side of the house. As they prepared to host a housewarming party, the couple found more Christian items hidden in the house, turning it into a treasure hunt for their guests. Among the items found was a solid silver bust of Christ that Twinkle wished to display on the mantel.

He did hate it. He hated its immensity, and its flawless, polished surface, and its undeniable value.

Sanjeev, although he hated the bust, conceded seeing Twinkle's excitement.

His actions reflected a deeper contemplation on his relationship with Twinkle. He had married her in an arranged marriage setup after only knowing her for four months. Throughout the story, he grappled with instances of their differing personalities, questioning his fondness for her, and reflecting on the practicality of his relationship with Twinkle.

She was like that, excited and delighted by little if the world contained hidden wonders he could not anticipate, or see.

Despite his constant irritation and inner turmoil, he found himself constantly caving to Twinkle's whims, which suggested an unconscious affection towards his spontaneous and carefree wife.