The Wooden Shoes (Maupassant)

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The Wooden Shoes
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A naive young woman unknowingly becomes pregnant after her parents send her to work for a wealthy widower, who eventually marries her.

An old priest finished his sermon in a small village church and announced various parish events, including that a local widower, Monsieur Césaire Omont, was looking for a servant. After the service, a peasant family discussed the opportunity for their daughter, Adélaïde, to work for Monsieur Omont. The father instructed Adélaïde on how to behave and win over the widower.

Adélaïde Malandain — naive young woman; daughter of farmers; obedient, docile, and unaware of the consequences of her actions.
Césaire Omont — wealthy widower; jovial, rough-mannered, and amorous; Adélaïde's employer and eventual husband.

I think that place at Maître Omont’s ought to be a good one, as he is a widower and his daughter-in-law does not like him.

The next day, Adélaïde began her duties at Monsieur Omont's house. He made it clear that she was his servant and nothing more. However, he insisted that she eat and drink with him, and even play games together. One night, he demanded that she sleep in his room, and she complied out of fear.

Six months later, Adélaïde visited her parents and her father noticed that she might be pregnant. He asked her about her relationship with Monsieur Omont, and she tearfully admitted that she didn't know how children were made.

How was I to know how children were made?

Malandain — Adélaïde's father; thin, wrinkled old peasant; cunning and opportunistic.
Malandain's Wife — Adélaïde's mother; angry and protective of her daughter.

Her mother was furious, but her father was pleased and went to discuss the matter with Monsieur Omont.

The following Sunday, the priest announced the engagement of Monsieur Onufre-Césaire Omont and Céleste-Adélaïde Malandain.