The Unprofitable Servant (Henry)

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The Unprofitable Servant
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A talented amateur dancer named Mac McGowan is given the opportunity to be coached by the famous Del Delano and achieve success in the world of professional dancing.

In New York City, two cousins, Cliff and Mac McGowan, were known for their exceptional dancing skills. They were inseparable and had a strong bond, often performing together on the streets of the West Side. One day, a famous dancer named Del Delano noticed Mac's talent and offered to train him, promising to make him a star.

Mac McGowan — amateur dancer; talented, self-taught, and eager to succeed.
Del Delano — famous fancy dancer; mentor and coach to Mac; confident, talented, and proud.
Delano believed that Mac had a unique genius for dancing, despite his unpolished style. He told Mac, "

You’ve got a foot movement, kid, like a baby hippopotamus trying to side-step a jab from a humming-bird.

" Delano took Mac under his wing, coaching him for several weeks and helping him refine his technique. Mac was grateful for the opportunity and worked hard to improve, even though he knew that his cousin Cliff was a better dancer. Delano assured Mac that there was room for both of them at the top of the profession and that he would help him get there. He said, "

I’ll put you at the top of the bunch, right where I am. You’ve got talent. Your style’s bum; but you’ve got the genius.


As the day of their big performance at Creary's Eighth Avenue Theatre approached, Mac and Delano prepared for the amateur night, where they would showcase their talents to a large audience. They knew that their success depended on the support of their friends and fans in the audience, as well as their own skill and hard work.

On the night of the performance, Mac and Delano waited backstage, ready to take the stage and prove themselves to the world. The audience was filled with anticipation, eager to see the talented duo perform. As the music began, Mac and Delano stepped into the spotlight, ready to seize their chance at fame and fortune.