The Steamer Saratov (Bunin)

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The Steamer Saratov
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A man shot his lover after she decided to leave him for her former partner. Later, he was seen as a prisoner on a ship, reflecting on his actions.

A man woke up from a deep sleep, refreshed despite having spent the previous hours drinking and socializing with a group of officers. He quickly got ready and left his house, instructing his batman to find him a fast cab. He was in high spirits, enjoying the spring evening and looking forward to a rendezvous.

The Man — officer; short, curly hair; fresh-faced; cheerful, decisive, and ready for anything; later seen as a prisoner.

Upon arriving at his destination, he was greeted by a woman dressed in a tight housecoat. He apologized for his tardiness, but she dismissed his excuses. She informed him that this would be their last meeting, as she had decided to return to her former lover.

The Woman — tall, slender, with long, slanting eyes and long, pale hand; in a tight housecoat; somewhat wobbly on high heels; wanton, secretive.

The man was taken aback, but tried to laugh off her announcement. However, she insisted that she was serious and had been seeing her former lover in secret.

And what, do you think I'll give up these arms and legs of yours to him just like that, that he'll be kissing this knee here that I was kissing just yesterday?

The man became angry, accusing her of using him for his money. She defended herself, stating that she was not interested in his wealth and that she truly loved her former lover. The man refused to accept her decision and threatened her with a gun.

This is my right.

She dismissed his threats and told him to leave. He shot her in a fit of rage.

Months later, the man was on a ship in the Indian Ocean, on his way to Vladivostok. He was a prisoner, stripped to the waist and shackled like the others on board. He spent his time staring at the waves and spitting into the sea.