The Statement of Randolph Carter (Lovecraft)

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The Statement of Randolph Carter
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: Two friends with a fascination for the unknown ventured to an ancient cemetery, uncovering a hidden chamber. One descended alone, communicating via telephone, until a chilling voice announced his death.

Randolph Carter and Harley Warren were close friends who shared a fascination with the unknown.

Randolph Carter — narrator; close friend of Harley Warren; involved in Warren's research into the unknown; hesitant, fearful, loyal.
Harley Warren — researcher of the unknown; Randolph Carter's close friend; possesses a vast collection of strange, rare books; dominant, fearless, secretive.

Warren had a vast collection of strange, rare books on forbidden subjects, some of which Carter had read. One night, the two friends embarked on a mysterious journey to an ancient cemetery, carrying electric lanterns, spades, and a coil of wire with attached instruments.

Upon arriving at the cemetery, they uncovered a hidden entrance to a subterranean chamber. Warren insisted on going down alone, leaving Carter on the surface with a telephone to communicate. As Warren descended into the depths, Carter anxiously awaited updates from his friend.

After some time, Warren's voice came through the telephone, filled with terror. He described seeing something horrifying and urged Carter to leave immediately.

"God! If you could see what I am seeing!"

Despite Carter's protests, Warren insisted that it was too late for him and that Carter must save himself.

Carter hesitated, unable to abandon his friend. Suddenly, Warren's voice changed to a desperate scream, urging Carter to flee. Then, there was silence. Carter continued to call out to Warren, but there was no response.

Finally, a chilling, inhuman voice came through the telephone, informing Carter that Warren was dead.

"You fool, Warren is DEAD!"

The voice's origin and the fate of Harley Warren remain a mystery, leaving Randolph Carter haunted by the events of that night.