The Secret (Maupassant)

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The Secret
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A woman sought revenge on her unattractive, jealous husband by having an affair with a man he suspected her of being involved with, and shared her triumph with a close friend.

A young woman, the Marquise of Rennedon, visited her friend, the Baroness de Grangerie, looking very disturbed and disheveled.

Marquise of Rennedon — narrator; young, married woman seeking revenge on her husband; cunning, vengeful.
Baroness de Grangerie — Marquise's close friend; supportive, amused by her friend's revenge.

She confided in her friend that she had just taken revenge on her husband, Simon, for his unbearable behavior.

Simon — Marquise's husband; unattractive, jealous, and controlling.

Listen, darling, promise me never to repeat what I am going to tell you.

The Marquise had married Simon knowing he was unattractive, but she believed he was a kind man. However, he soon became jealous and possessive, treating her poorly and making her life miserable.

Just think, during the past six months he has become more intolerable than ever, beyond words intolerable.

The Marquise decided to take revenge on Simon by having an affair with a man named Baubiguac, whom Simon was particularly jealous of.

Baubiguac — man involved in Marquise's revenge; unsuspecting, honorable.

She went to Baubiguac's house under the pretense of collecting money for orphans and confided in him about her unhappy marriage. Baubiguac comforted her, and they ended up having an intimate encounter.

Afterward, the Marquise felt triumphant and gleeful about her revenge, even though she had no intention of seeing Baubiguac again. She and the Baroness laughed hysterically at the thought of Simon's reaction when he found out about the affair.

Even if he comes in this minute, I’ve done it to him. Nothing can ever prevent it now!

When Simon arrived at the Baroness's house, the two women could not contain their laughter, leaving him confused and bewildered.