The Renaissance at Charleroi (Henry)

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The Renaissance at Charleroi
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A Creole gentleman, Grandemont Charles, organizes a grand dinner at his old family plantation, Charleroi, in an attempt to revive the glory of his noble lineage and win the heart of Adèle Fauquier, who is waiting for her missing brother to return.

Grandemont Charles, a Creole gentleman, works as a clerk in a cotton broker's office in New Orleans. He is in love with Adèle Fauquier, but she will not marry him until he finds her missing brother, Victor.

Grandemont Charles — Creole gentleman; clerk in a cotton broker's office; noble, determined.
Adèle Fauquier — Love interest of Grandemont; waiting for her missing brother; strong-willed, loyal.

First find my brother, Monsieur Charles.

Grandemont had tried to prevent Victor from pursuing a forbidden romance, but Victor attacked him and ran away. Grandemont spends years searching for Victor, but with no success.

Victor Fauquier — Adèle's missing brother; disappeared after a fight with Grandemont; daring, reckless.

Either bring back brother Victor to us or the proof that he died.

Eventually, he comes up with a plan to revive the old family estate, Charleroi, and host a dinner for their old friends. He spends his savings on renting the house, furnishing it, and preparing an exquisite dinner. However, on the night of the dinner, none of the guests show up except for a disheveled tramp named Mr. Jack. Grandemont invites him to dine and discovers that he is actually Victor, who had been lost and living as a vagrant. Victor explains his journey and the hardships he faced. Grandemont is overjoyed and promises to take Victor to Adèle the next day.