The Rathskeller and the Rose (Henry)

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The Rathskeller and the Rose
Summary of the Short Story
from the Collection «The Voice of the City»
Microsummary: An actor disguised as a countryman from a small town visited a famous actress to convince her of his suitability for a role in her upcoming play, but she unexpectedly decided to return to her hometown.

Miss Posie Carrington, a successful actress, was once a small-town girl from Cranberry Corners. She had worked her way up in the entertainment industry and was now set to star in a new play called "Paresis by Gaslight." However, she insisted that the male lead, a character named Sol Haytosser, be played by someone who could genuinely portray a rural character.

Miss Posie Carrington — famous actress; petite, bubbly, fame-drunken; originally from a small town.

Herr Goldstein, the theatrical manager, shared Miss Carrington's insistence with a talented actor named Highsmith, who wanted the part.

She declares she won’t set a foot on the stage unless ‘Haytosser’ is the best that can be raked up.

Herr Timothy Goldstein — theatrical manager; sonorous, curly-haired, heavy; concerned about the actress's decisions.

To secure the role, Highsmith traveled to Cranberry Corners to learn about the town and its residents. He then returned to the city and, in an impressive rural disguise, approached Miss Carrington at a rathskeller after one of her performances. He introduced himself as Bill Summers, an old friend from her hometown, and shared news about the people and events in Cranberry Corners.

Highsmith — talented actor; ambitious, resourceful; disguised as a countryman to impress the actress.

‘Don’t touch that willow rocker, William,’ says she. ‘It ain’t been moved since Posie left; and that’s the apron she was hemmin’, layin’ over the arm of it, jist as she flung it.

Miss Carrington was delighted by the encounter and invited "Bill" to visit her at her hotel the next day. Highsmith, now dressed in his regular attire, went to see her, hoping to secure the role of Sol Haytosser. However, he was informed by her maid that Miss Carrington had canceled all her stage engagements and returned to Cranberry Corners.

Mees Carrington have cancelled all engagements on the stage and have returned to live in that — how you call that town? Cranberry Cornaire!

The encounter with "Bill Summers" had reminded Miss Carrington of her roots and the simpler life she had left behind. As a result, she decided to give up her successful acting career and return to her hometown.