The Power of Words (Poe)

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The Power of Words
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: Two celestial beings discussed the nature of creation, knowledge, and the power of words, revealing that even the most beautiful creations can have dark origins and consequences.

Two beings, Oinos and Agathos, engaged in a deep conversation about the nature of creation and the power of words. Oinos, a spirit new to immortality, sought wisdom from Agathos, who was more experienced in the ways of the universe.

Oinos — newly immortal spirit; curious, seeking knowledge.
Agathos — experienced celestial being; wise, knowledgeable, and patient.

Agathos explained that true happiness lies not in knowing everything, but in the constant acquisition of knowledge.

In forever knowing, we are forever blessed; but to know all, were the curse of a fiend.

As they traveled through the cosmos, Agathos revealed that the Deity did not create everything directly, but rather set the initial conditions for creation to occur indirectly through natural laws. This idea was considered heretical among humans, but Agathos assured Oinos that it was simply the truth.

I mean to say that the Deity does not create.

Agathos further explained that every action, even the slightest movement, had infinite consequences. These consequences could be traced back to their original cause by beings with advanced understanding. The ability to trace these consequences was a power held by the Deity and, to varying degrees, by angelic intelligences.

Oinos questioned whether all motion created, and Agathos confirmed that it did, as the source of all motion was thought, and the source of all thought was God. Agathos then revealed that every word spoken was an impulse on the air, and thus had the power to create.

As they hovered above a beautiful yet volatile star, Agathos wept and confessed that he had spoken the star into existence three centuries prior. The star's brilliant flowers represented unfulfilled dreams, while its raging volcanoes symbolized the passions of a turbulent and unhallowed heart.