The Moustache (Maupassant)

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The Moustache
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A woman expressed her preference for men with moustaches, describing their importance in love and French culture, and shared her sadness upon seeing dead French soldiers identified by their moustaches.

A woman named Jeanne wrote a letter to her friend Lucy, expressing her thoughts on the importance of a moustache for a man. She mentioned that her husband had shaved off his moustache for a theatrical performance, and she found him unrecognizable and less attractive without it.

Jeanne — narrator; a woman who values moustaches on men; observant, passionate.
Lucy — Jeanne's friend; recipient of the letter.
Jeanne's husband — shaved his moustache for a theatrical performance; loving, adaptable.

She believed that a man without a moustache was not a man at all, and that a moustache added character and refinement to a man's face.

In fact, a man without a moustache is no longer a man.

Jeanne went on to describe the different types of moustaches and their corresponding personalities. She particularly admired the French moustache, which she considered to be a symbol of national pride and identity. She recalled an incident during a war when her father's château was occupied by German soldiers. After a skirmish, several dead soldiers were brought to the château for burial. As she looked at the faces of the dead men, she was able to identify the French soldiers by their moustaches, which filled her with a sense of patriotism and sadness.

I recognized the Frenchmen by their moustache!

In her letter, Jeanne also shared her thoughts on the sensual aspect of a moustache, describing how it added spice to a man's kisses and made intimate moments more enjoyable. She concluded her letter by reaffirming her love for the moustache and wishing it a long life.