The Love-Philtre of Ikey Schoenstein (Henry)

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The Love-Philtre of Ikey Schoenstein
Summary of a short story

Ikey Schoenstein was the night clerk at the Blue Light Drug Store, located between the Bowery and First Avenue.

Ikey Schoenstein — night clerk of the Blue Light Drug Store; middle-aged, bespectacled, knowledge-bowed figure; timid, weak-kneed, purblind; chemist-like clothes.

He was well known in the area for his knowledge and wisdom, and was a confidant to many of his customers. One of his customers, Chunk McGowan, was also a friend of his.

Chunk McGowan — suitor of Rosy; comely, smooth-faced, hard, indomitable, good-natured; strong and simple; $20 a week salary.

Chunk was in love with Rosy, the daughter of Mrs. Riddle, who Ikey also roomed and breakfasted with.

Rosy — daughter of Mrs. Riddle; object of Ikey's and Chunk's affections; tinctured all Ikey's thoughts; changeable.

Ikey was also in love with Rosy, but was too timid to act on his feelings. Chunk and Rosy had been planning to elope that night, but Chunk was worried that Rosy might change her mind. He asked Ikey for a drug that would make Rosy like him better.

Ikey made a powder containing a quarter of a grain of morphia, which would induce a deep sleep if taken by an adult. He gave it to Chunk, who decided to put it in Mr. Riddle's coffee instead.

Mr. Riddle — Rosy's father; stout, brick-dusty of complexion; bloodthirsty; doesn't like Chunk.

Ikey then sent a messenger to Mr. Riddle to warn him of Chunk and Rosy's plans.

That night, Chunk and Rosy successfully eloped. The next morning, Ikey went to Mrs. Riddle's to find out what had happened. Chunk was there, and told Ikey that he had decided not to use the powder, as he wanted to win Rosy's heart honestly. He had instead put the powder in Mr. Riddle's coffee, which had allowed them to elope without any trouble.