The Higher Abdication (Henry)

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The Higher Abdication
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A tramp, Curly, finds himself in San Antonio, where he experiences the hospitality and challenges of the Southwest. After being taken in by a rancher, Ranse, Curly undergoes a transformation and becomes a respected member of the cowpunchers.

Curly, a tramp, finds himself in San Antonio after being kicked out of a bar. He is puzzled by the town and its inhabitants, but manages to find some food and shelter in a wagon-yard. The next day, he encounters a group of cowboys celebrating and is initiated into their group.

Curly — tramp; hardened, rugged, and disheveled.

Curly spends three weeks with the cowboys, learning their ways and becoming a respected member of the group. Ranse Truesdell, the ranch owner, takes notice of Curly's transformation and decides to bring him back to the ranch.

Ranse Truesdell — rancher; kind-hearted, determined, and patient.

At the ranch, Ranse reveals to Curly that he is actually his long-lost son, who was adopted by the Truesdell family when he was a child. Curly is shocked by the revelation and the two men leave the ranch to find Curly's biological family.

“Where’s the tick-tock?” he asked, absent-mindedly.

Curly, after being taken in by Ranse, notices the absence of a clock in the ranch-house. The two men embark on a journey to find Curly's biological family, hoping to uncover the truth about his past and forge a new future together.