The Guardian of the Accolade (Henry)

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The Guardian of the Accolade
Summary of the Short Story
from the Collection «Roads of Destiny»
Microsummary: An old servant prevented his employer from making a terrible mistake by confronting him at a train station, reminding him of his family's honor and the promises he made to his late wife.

Uncle Bushrod was a loyal and trusted servant of the Weymouth family, working at their bank for over sixty years. He was deeply concerned about the bank president, Mr. Robert Weymouth, who had developed a drinking problem.

Uncle Bushrod — elderly, loyal servant of the Weymouth family; honest, proud, and devoted to his duties.
Mr. Robert Weymouth — bank president; large, stout man with iron-gray hair and fiery blue eyes; high-tempered, kind, and generous.

This habit had led to a decline in the bank's business and reputation.

One night, Uncle Bushrod went to the bank to retrieve a passbook and unexpectedly saw Mr. Robert entering the bank and taking a large hand-satchel from the vault. Fearing that Mr. Robert was planning to abscond with the bank's funds, Uncle Bushrod followed him to the train station.

At the station, Uncle Bushrod confronted Mr. Robert and pleaded with him not to take the satchel, reminding him of his late wife's words that he should be "pure and fearless and without reproach."

Marse Robert, gimme dis ‘er’ valise. I got a right, suh, to talk to you dis ‘er’ way.

Mr. Robert eventually relented and handed the satchel to Uncle Bushrod, who returned it to the bank.

Take it back with you, Bushrod. And let the subject drop — now mind!

Later, Mr. Robert admitted to his friend, Judge Archinard, that he had intended to take the satchel, which contained two quarts of fine bourbon, on a fishing trip. He acknowledged that Uncle Bushrod's intervention had made him realize the importance of living up to his late wife's expectations and decided to quit drinking.