The Gold That Glittered (Henry)

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The Gold That Glittered
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A Colombian general seeking to buy weapons for a revolution was swindled by two con men, but ultimately decided to invest the money in a hotel and marry its owner instead.

General Perrico Ximenes Villablanca Falcon, a Colombian, arrived in New York City to purchase arms for his country's revolutionists. He had drafts worth $25,000 to buy 2,000 Winchester rifles.

General Perrico Ximenes Villablanca Falcon — Colombian general; middle-aged, short, and stout; patriotic, easily impressed, and romantic.

He stayed at the Hotel Español, where he met the proprietor, Mrs. O'Brien, a blonde woman with whom he was smitten.

Mrs. O'Brien — owner of Hotel Español; blonde, amiable, and curvy.

"All is not gold that glitters, but it is a wise child that keeps the stopper in his bottle of testing acid."

All is not gold that glitters, but it is a wise child that keeps the stopper in his bottle of testing acid.

While exploring the city, the General encountered Mr. Kelley, who offered to help him with his mission.

Spider Kelley — con man; cunning, ambitious, and street-smart.

Kelley introduced the General to a man he claimed was the Secretary of War, who agreed to sell the rifles secretly. However, the "Secretary" and Kelley were actually con artists who planned to swindle the General out of his money.

Meanwhile, the General and Mrs. O'Brien grew closer, and he decided to abandon his mission and marry her instead. He used the money intended for the rifles to buy the hotel and its furnishings. When Kelley discovered the General's change of plans, he was furious and accused him of swindling his own country. The General, however, was content with his decision, believing that love and a peaceful life were more important than war and revolution.

"It is not best that one shall always follow Minerva. No. It is of quite desirable to keep hotels and be with that Juno—that ox-eyed Juno."