The Fox and the Forest (Bradbury)

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The Fox and the Forest
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A couple fled their dystopian future to escape a grim war, only to be chased by a man from their time. They tried to lose him in the crowd, but were eventually cornered and forced to return.

In 1938, William and Susan Travis visited Mexico as tourists. They took great joy in the novelty of experiencing a simpler time; a stark contrast to their future world where chaos and war were prevalent realities. They loved indulging in things considered vices in their time, including alcohol and cigarettes.

William Travis (Roger Kristen) — husband; works on a bomb project in the future; ends up killing his pursuer.
Susan Travis (Ann Kristen) — wife; works with disease-culture units in the future; terrified of being caught.

One day, they came across a man named Simms who seemed strangely familiar with their habits, such as leaving the trouser legs down.

Mr. Simms — man from the future who's tasked with bringing the couple back; enjoys the vices of the past.

Simms confronted them, revealing their identities and the fact that they were from the year 2155 and had escaped a horrific war.

We should never have tried to escape. My God! said William, he's coming over. Let me do the talking.

Simms, also from 2155, had been sent through time to retrieve them. William agreed to return to the future if Susan could remain in the past. Later, William managed to kill Simms by running him over with a car. They then joined an American film company, thinking it to be a safe shelter. However, the company was constituted entirely of Simms' colleagues.

So the Searchers, let's call them, spare no trouble or expense to find, capture, and take home the man and wife, once they get them totally alone, in a hotel room, where no one can see.

William and Susan were surrounded and captured in a beam of blue light. After that, their existence in the era suddenly vanished, leaving behind only stacks of liquor and cigarettes.