The Elusive Tenderloin (Henry)

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The Elusive Tenderloin
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A man from the West visited New York City, seeking excitement in the infamous Tenderloin district, only to find it disappointingly tame and ordinary, with no trace of the rumored debauchery.

A man named Bill Jeremy from a small town on the edge of the prairie-dog country visited New York City with a desire to experience the infamous Tenderloin district. His friend, a local New Yorker, tried to show him the usual tourist attractions, but Bill insisted on exploring the Tenderloin on his own.

Bill Jeremy — visitor from the West; adventurous, curious, and unimpressed by New York City's Tenderloin district.
The Narrator — narrator; Bill's friend and New York City resident; knowledgeable about the city.

That evening, Bill set out to find the Tenderloin, walking up and down the streets, asking people for directions. He was disappointed to find that the area seemed quite ordinary, with people going about their business and nothing particularly sinful or exciting happening. He even asked a cab driver for suggestions on where to find some excitement, but the driver could only suggest attending a euchre party in Brooklyn.

The Tenderloin, well done, is what I shall admire for to see.

Frustrated, Bill continued his search and eventually heard loud, angry shouting coming from a building. Thinking he had finally found some excitement, he entered the building, only to discover that it was a church and the shouting was coming from a preacher denouncing the evils of the Tenderloin.

It was a church, and one of these preachers that mixes up in politics was denouncin' the evils of the Tenderloin.

In the end, Bill left New York City disappointed, having spent only one dollar during his search for the elusive Tenderloin.