The Day We Celebrate (Henry)

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The Day We Celebrate
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: Two men, an American and a Britisher, worked on a banana plantation in Costa Rica, losing track of time and holidays. After a fight, they discovered it was Christmas Day.

Two men, Hop-along Bibb and Liverpool Sam, found themselves stranded in a small tropical town called Soledad, with no money or friends.

The Narrator — narrator; American, ex-seaman, and bird fancier; dislikes his British companion.
Liverpool Sam — Britisher; ex-seaman, disheveled, and often drunk; submissive to the narrator.

They eventually started working on a banana plantation owned by Don Jaime McSpinosa. After some time, they grew tired of their monotonous life and decided to return to Soledad.

We were, as it were, stranded on that section of the Spanish main with no money to speak of and no friends that should be talked about either.

Upon their arrival, they noticed that the town was decorated with evergreens and flowers, and the American flag was flying from the roof of the American Club. They assumed it was a holiday, but they didn't know which one. They met a reverend named Pendergast, who gave them two dollars to celebrate the day in a befitting manner.

Instead of using the money for food, the two men decided to drink rum. After consuming a significant amount, Hop-along Bibb became hostile towards Liverpool Sam, and they ended up fighting. Hop-along Bibb eventually won the fight and dragged Liverpool Sam back to Reverend Pendergast's shack.

‘Christmas, hell!’ says I. ‘I thought it was the Fourth of July.’

When they arrived, Pendergast scolded them for fighting on such a special day. He revealed that it was Christmas Day, much to Hop-along Bibb's surprise, as he had assumed it was the Fourth of July.