The Day Resurgent (Henry)

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The Day Resurgent
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A man struggled to understand the meaning of Easter and spent the day wandering around the city, eventually realizing the importance of spending time with his blind father and reading to him.

Danny McCree, a hardworking man, lived with his blind father and mother in a small flat. One Easter Sunday, Danny dressed up and went out to enjoy the day, leaving his father sitting by the window.

Danny McCree — young man; hardworking, grumpy, and caring; son of a blind man.

His father mentioned something about a hippopotamus, which puzzled Danny. He asked various people about the meaning of Easter and the mysterious hippopotamus, but no one could give him a satisfactory answer.

Hippopotamus! Wouldn’t that send you to the Bronx! It’s been a year since he heard it; and he didn’t miss it so very far.

After attending church with his friend Katy, Danny finally understood the true meaning of Easter - resurrection and new life.

Katy Conlon — Danny's love interest; spirited and fashionable.

He realized that his father's mention of the hippopotamus was actually a reference to the Peloponnesian War, a topic they used to read about together before his father lost his sight.

Old man McCree — Danny's blind father; former laborer, now spends his days by the window; appreciative and nostalgic.

Danny returned home and took down a dusty book on the history of Greece. He began reading to his father about the Peloponnesian War, bringing joy to the old man who felt as if his eyes had returned to him.

Do you hear our lad readin’ to me? There is none finer in the land. My two eyes have come back to me again.

Danny continued to read to his father, even skipping his usual visit to Katy, as he finally understood the importance of spending time with his family and cherishing the moments they had together.