The Cop and the Anthem (Henry)

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The Cop and the Anthem
Summary of a short story
Microsummary: A homeless man tries to get arrested by committing crimes, but fails. He is then inspired by music from a church and decides to change his life, only to be arrested for loitering outside of it.

Soapy was a homeless man living in Madison Square.

Soapy — middle-aged homeless man; frayed trousers and decadent shoes; proud spirit; shaven, neat black ready-tied four-in-hand; sarcastic, friendly.

He was getting ready for winter and was looking for a way to get to the Island, a place where he could stay for three months and be safe from the cold. He tried to get into a fancy restaurant to get a meal, but was turned away because of his shabby clothes. He then tried to get arrested by breaking a shop window, but the policeman chased after someone else. He then tried to get arrested by pretending to be a masher, but the policeman ignored him. He then tried to get arrested by pretending to be drunk, but the policeman thought he was just a college student celebrating. Finally, he tried to get arrested by stealing an umbrella, but the man he stole it from didn't want to get him in trouble.

Soapy was feeling hopeless and was about to give up when he heard some beautiful music coming from an old church. The music made him reflect on his life and he decided that he wanted to turn it around. He was determined to find a job and make something of himself.

Just then, a policeman came up to him and asked him what he was doing there. Soapy replied that he was doing nothing and the policeman took him away. The next morning, the magistrate sentenced him to three months on the Island.