The Church with an Overshot-Wheel (Henry)

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The Church with an Overshot-Wheel
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A miller named Abram Strong, who lost his daughter Aglaia, converts an old mill into a church in her memory. Years later, a young woman named Rose Chester comes to Lakelands and befriends Father Abram. They discover a surprising connection and find solace in their shared grief.

In a small village called Lakelands, there was an old mill that had been converted into a church. The church was run by a kind and cheerful man named Abram Strong, who was known as "Father Abram" by the villagers.

Father Abram (Abram Strong) — miller turned church founder; kind, cheerful, generous.

Father Abram had a tragic past, as his young daughter Aglaia had disappeared many years ago, and he had never been able to find her. One day, a young woman named Rose Chester came to stay at the Eagle House, a nearby inn.

Rose Chester — young woman on vacation; delicate, cheerful, determined.

She quickly became friends with Father Abram, and they spent a lot of time together exploring the beautiful countryside. Rose had her own secret, though: she had run away from her troubled family and had been living under a false name.

One day, while they were visiting the old mill church, Rose received a letter from a man named Ralph, who was in love with her and wanted to marry her. However, Rose felt that she could not marry him because of her past and her false identity. Father Abram comforted her and encouraged her to tell Ralph the truth.

Oh, Father Abram, wouldn’t it be grand if I should prove to be your daughter? Wouldn’t it be romantic? And wouldn’t you like to have me for a daughter?

While they were in the church, the organist played a low note that shook the building and caused a stream of flour to fall from the gallery, covering Father Abram in white dust. This triggered a memory in Rose, who suddenly recognized Father Abram as her long-lost father. They were overjoyed to be reunited, and Rose decided to ask Ralph to wait before they got married, as she wanted to spend time with her newly found father.

I want to ask him to wait. I have just found my father, and I want it to be just we two for a while. I want to tell him he will have to wait.