The Buyer from Cactus City (Henry)

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The Buyer from Cactus City
Summary of the Short Story
from the Collection «The Trimmed Lamp»
Microsummary: A wealthy Texan buyer fell in love with a suit model during a business trip to New York, and despite her initial resistance, she eventually considered the possibility of moving to Texas with him.

In Cactus City, Texas, Navarro & Platt was a successful dry goods emporium. Every spring, Navarro would travel to New York to buy goods for their store. However, this year, he decided to send his junior partner, Platt, instead. In New York, Platt visited the wholesale cloak and suit establishment of Zizzbaum & Son. There, he met Miss Asher, a beautiful and talented model who showcased the latest styles for him.

John Platt — Texan buyer; wealthy, sincere, determined; falls in love with Helen.
Helen Asher — suit model; independent, strong-willed, initially resistant to Platt's advances.

Platt was instantly smitten with Miss Asher and invited her to dinner. During their date, he proposed marriage and offered her a diamond ring.

I knew it was you the minute I saw you yesterday. I'm going back home to-morrow, and you're going with me.

Miss Asher, who was used to buyers making advances towards her, rejected his proposal and accused him of being like all the other buyers. Platt, however, was persistent and showed her a wedding ring he had also brought with him.

You can't buy me, Mr. Buyer, if you had a hundred million. I didn't think I'd have to call you down.

The next day, Miss Asher asked her roommate about a place called Caracas City, which she believed was Platt's hometown. Her roommate informed her that Caracas was in Venezuela and was known for its earthquakes, malaria, and other dangers. Despite this, Miss Asher decided to go there the following day, presumably to be with Platt.

I don't care, said Miss Asher, blithely; I'm going there to-morrow.