The Angel of the Odd (Poe)

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The Angel of the Odd
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A man repeatedly encountered a bizarre creature claiming to be the Angel of the Odd, who caused a series of strange accidents in his life, ultimately leading him to question the nature of reality.

A man was sitting alone in his dining room, feeling a little tipsy after consuming a hearty dinner and some wine. He picked up a newspaper and read about a strange accident that led to a man's death. The man became angry, believing the story to be a hoax, and declared that he would no longer believe in anything odd or unusual.

Suddenly, a strange creature appeared before him, claiming to be the Angel of the Odd.

The Angel of the Odd — strange creature claiming to be the Angel of the Odd; wine-pipe body, bottle arms, Hessian canteen head; speaks with a thick accent; causes odd accidents.

I am te Angel ov te Odd.

The creature had a body made of a wine barrel, legs made of kegs, and arms made of long bottles. The man was initially frightened but eventually engaged in conversation with the creature, who claimed to be responsible for all the odd accidents that occur in the world.

The man's life took a series of unfortunate turns after this encounter. His house caught fire, he lost his insurance, and his hair was burned off. He decided to get married, but his first attempt at courtship ended in disaster when his wig got tangled with the woman's hair. His second attempt also failed when a small particle got lodged in his eye, causing him to miss an important meeting with his betrothed.

Feeling desperate, the man decided to end his life by jumping into a river. However, a passing balloon caught him by the guide rope, saving him from drowning. The Angel of the Odd reappeared, taunting the man and questioning his belief in the odd.

Mein Gott, te man is eder ferry dronk or ferry zorry.

The man, now hanging from the balloon, tried to appease the Angel by agreeing with him, but the Angel cut the rope, causing the man to fall into his own house through the chimney.

Upon regaining consciousness, the man found himself lying in the ashes of his burnt home, surrounded by the remnants of his former life. He realized that the Angel of the Odd had taken his revenge, teaching him a lesson about the power of the odd and unusual.

The Narrator — narrator; initially skeptical and dismissive of the Angel of the Odd; experiences a series of odd accidents.