The Adventures of Shamrock Jolnes (Henry)

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The Adventures of Shamrock Jolnes
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A detective showcased his incredible powers of observation and deduction while solving various mysteries, including identifying a man's background and family situation just by observing his behavior and appearance.

Shamrock Jolnes, a great New York detective, was known for his incredible powers of observation and deduction. One day, Jolnes and his friend Whatsup went out for a walk in the city. They met Rheingelder, an acquaintance of theirs, who bet Jolnes that he couldn't guess what he had eaten for breakfast. Jolnes correctly deduced that Rheingelder had eaten sausage, pumpernickel, and coffee, impressing both Rheingelder and Whatsup.

Shamrock Jolnes — narrator; great New York detective; expert in observation and deduction; calm, observant, and intelligent.
Whatsup — friend of Shamrock Jolnes; curious and admiring of Jolnes' abilities.

Later, Jolnes and Whatsup boarded a streetcar and noticed an elderly man who refused to give up his seat for the standing ladies. Jolnes deduced that the man was a courteous Southern gentleman from Virginia, visiting New York with his wife and two daughters.

Major Winfield R. Ellison — elderly gentleman from Virginia; chivalrous, courteous, and well-dressed.

When the man got off the car, Jolnes approached him and discovered that his deductions were mostly correct, except that the man had three daughters, one of whom was adopted.

I could see, said Jolnes, one in the background who added no flower; and I knew that she must be—

Jolnes explained his deductions to Whatsup, revealing that he had noticed various clues on the man's appearance, such as marks from shopping with his family and the combination of flowers in his buttonhole. Jolnes also deduced that the man was leaving for the South that night based on the shape of an object in his pocket, which he assumed was a flask for the long train journey. Finally, Jolnes determined that the man was from Virginia due to the faint smell of mint in the car.