Squaring the Circle (Henry)

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Squaring the Circle
Summary of the Short Story
from the Collection «The Voice of the City»
Microsummary: Two men from feuding families in the mountains unexpectedly met in a big city, where the overwhelming urban environment led them to reconcile and shake hands.

In the Cumberland Mountains, a feud between the Folwell and Harkness families had been going on for forty years. The conflict began with the killing of a dog and escalated to the point where only one member of each family was left alive. Cal Harkness, the last of his family, decided to move to New York City to escape the feud.

Cal Harkness — last surviving member of the Harkness family; express wagon driver, cautious, and adaptable.

A year later, Sam Folwell, the last of his family, learned of Cal's whereabouts and set out to find and kill him.

Sam Folwell — last surviving member of the Folwell family; determined, vengeful, and unaccustomed to city life.

A year afterward Sam Folwell learned that his hereditary, unsuppressed enemy was living in New York City.

Sam arrived in New York City and was overwhelmed by the noise, crowds, and straight lines of the city. He felt lonely and out of place, struggling to adapt to the urban environment. Despite this, he was determined to find Cal and continue the feud. He carried a revolver and a hunting knife with him, ready for a confrontation.

Nature moves in circles; Art in straight lines. The natural is rounded; the artificial is made up of angles.

One day, Sam found himself at a busy intersection in the city, feeling more lost and disoriented than ever. As he stood there, he spotted Cal Harkness across the street. Cal, who was unarmed and surprised to see Sam, hesitated for a moment. However, Sam quickly approached him, and instead of attacking, he greeted Cal warmly and shook his hand. In the midst of the bustling city, the two men from feuding families put aside their differences and reconciled.