Springtime à la Carte (Henry)

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Springtime à la Carte
Summary of the Short Story
from the Collection «The Four Million»
Microsummary: A typist and a farmer fell in love and planned to marry in spring. They lost contact, but the farmer found her through a menu card she typed, which unintentionally included a message to him.

Sarah, a young typist living in New York City, made a deal with Schulenberg's Home Restaurant to provide them with typewritten menu cards in exchange for daily meals. During a summer visit to the countryside, she fell in love with a farmer named Walter Franklin.

Sarah — New York girl, typist; in love with Walter, a farmer; emotional, dedicated, hardworking.
Walter Franklin — young farmer; Sarah's love interest; modern agriculturist, caring, determined.

They planned to marry in the spring, but as the season approached, Sarah became sad as she hadn't heard from Walter in weeks.

One day, while typing the restaurant's menu, Sarah became emotional when she saw dandelions listed, as they reminded her of her time with Walter.

For she had received no letter from Walter in two weeks, and the next item on the bill of fare was dandelions—dandelions with some kind of egg—but bother the egg!—dandelions, with whose golden blooms Walter had crowned her his queen of love and future bride.

Unintentionally, she typed "Dearest Walter" instead of "dandelions" on the menu. Walter, who had been searching for Sarah, happened to dine at the restaurant and recognized her unique typing style on the menu. He found her, and they reunited happily.

During their time apart, Walter had been trying to locate Sarah in the city. He had come to her old address a week prior, but she had already moved. He continued searching for her with the help of the police and other means. Meanwhile, Sarah had been working on the menu cards for Schulenberg's restaurant, unaware that Walter was looking for her.

The story ends with the couple reuniting and expressing their love for each other. Walter explained how he found her through the menu card at the restaurant, and they were overjoyed to be together again.

Between the red cabbage and the stuffed green peppers was the item: "DEAREST WALTER, WITH HARD-BOILED EGG."

The dandelions, which had once been a symbol of their love, played a crucial role in bringing them back together.