Sound and Fury (Henry)

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Sound and Fury
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: An author dictated his love story to an amanuensis, who frequently misunderstood and misinterpreted his words, leading to humorous exchanges and misunderstandings between them.

A young author, Mr. Penne, hired an amanuensis, Miss Lore, to help him with his writing.

Mr. Penne — author; polite, patient, and focused on his work.
Miss Lore — amanuensis; naive, easily confused, and prone to misinterpretations.

They worked together in Mr. Penne's workroom, where he dictated his stories to her. One day, they were working on a love story about a man named Cortland and a woman named Kate. Mr. Penne dictated the story, while Miss Lore took down his words in shorthand.

As they worked, Miss Lore frequently interrupted Mr. Penne to question his choice of words or to suggest changes to the story.

Excuse me; you mean ‘rose from her knees,’ instead of ‘his,’ don’t you?

Mr. Penne, growing increasingly frustrated with her interruptions, tried to maintain his composure and continue dictating the story. Despite her interruptions, they managed to make progress on the story, which included a love scene in a garden and a discussion about the challenges of their relationship.

At one point, Mr. Penne decided to take a break, but Miss Lore insisted that she was not tired and wanted to continue working. They resumed their work, with Mr. Penne dictating a new chapter about what Kate found in the garden. The story continued with Cortland visiting Kate and discussing the waves crashing on the shore, which served as a metaphor for their relationship.

Throughout their work session, Miss Lore continued to interrupt Mr. Penne with her suggestions and comments, causing him to become more and more exasperated.

Goodness! If he couldn’t tell her size with his arm around—

Finally, Mr. Penne decided that they had done enough work for the day and told Miss Lore that they would discontinue their work. Miss Lore agreed to come back the next day to continue their collaboration.