Sisters of the Golden Circle (Henry)

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Sisters of the Golden Circle
Summary of a short story
Microsummary: A newlywed couple on a sightseeing tour in New York City helped another newlywed couple escape from the police, leading to a chaotic scene and the husband's temporary arrest before the truth was revealed.

James Williams and his bride from Cloverdale, Missouri, were on their honeymoon in New York City. They decided to take a sightseeing tour on a Rubberneck auto, a popular tourist attraction at the time. The couple was excited and happy, enjoying their time together as they took in the sights of the bustling city.

On the tour, they encountered a young woman in a tan jacket and a young man who appeared to be from the city. The two women exchanged glances and seemed to instantly understand each other's situations. The young woman in the tan jacket was also a newlywed, and her husband was in trouble with the law. She asked for help from James' wife, who agreed to assist them.

As the tour continued, a plainclothes police officer stopped the Rubberneck auto, looking for a Philadelphia burglar named "Pinky" McGuire. The officer believed that James fit the description of the wanted man and attempted to arrest him. James' wife, understanding the situation with the other couple, pretended to believe that her husband was indeed the burglar, telling him to go quietly with the officers.

James, confused and hurt by his wife's actions, resisted arrest, leading to a chaotic scene that attracted a large crowd. Eventually, he was taken to the police station, where he continued to act as if he were the wanted burglar. Meanwhile, the young man who was actually in trouble with the law managed to escape during the commotion.

Later, James' wife arrived at the police station with her uncle and proof of James' innocence. The police reprimanded James for his actions and released him. Once they were alone, James' wife explained her actions, telling him that she had helped the other couple because she wanted to share the happiness she felt with her husband. She had seen the young man escape during the chaos and knew that her actions had allowed the other couple to have a chance at happiness as well.

The story highlights the deep understanding and connection between brides, who can recognize each other's situations and emotions with just a glance. It also demonstrates the lengths that people will go to in order to help others, even at the risk of their own happiness and well-being.