Sisters of the Golden Circle (Henry)

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Sisters of the Golden Circle
Summary of the Short Story
from the Collection «The Four Million»
Microsummary: A newlywed couple on a sightseeing tour in a big city encountered another pair of newlyweds. The wife helped the other couple by creating a distraction, showcasing the unique bond between brides.

James Williams and his bride from Cloverdale, Missouri, were on their honeymoon in New York City. They decided to take a sightseeing tour on a Rubberneck auto, a popular tourist attraction. As they enjoyed the sights and sounds of the city, they encountered another newlywed couple on the tour. The two brides quickly formed a bond, exchanging knowing glances and understanding each other's happiness.

James Williams — young man from Cloverdale, Missouri; on his honeymoon in New York City; well-built, active, strong-jawed, good-natured; mistakenly arrested as a burglar.
Mrs. James Williams (The Bride) — James's wife; kind and empathetic; helps another newlywed couple during their sightseeing tour; pale-blue dress, violet eyes, and a white chiffon bonnet.

During the tour, James was mistakenly identified as a burglar named Pinky McGuire by the police. A plainclothes officer stopped the Rubberneck auto and attempted to arrest James. Surprisingly, his wife supported the accusation, causing James to resist arrest and get into a fight with the police.

"My wife seems to think I am a burglar," he said, recklessly. "I never heard of her being crazy; therefore I must be."

The situation escalated, and the police had to call for backup to control the crowd that had gathered to watch the spectacle.

Eventually, James was taken to the police station, where he continued to maintain his innocence. He sarcastically claimed to be a notorious burglar, hoping that the absurdity of the situation would become apparent. Meanwhile, his wife and her uncle arrived at the station with proof of James's innocence. The police reprimanded James for imitating a copyrighted burglar and released him.

After his release, James confronted his wife about her actions. She explained that she had supported the accusation to help the other newlywed couple on the tour. The husband of the other couple was in trouble with the police, and by creating a distraction, she allowed him to escape.

"Dear," she interrupted, "listen. It was an hour's pain and trial to you. I did it for her—I mean the girl who spoke to me on the coach."

James's wife felt that she had to help the other couple, as she understood the happiness and importance of their honeymoon. The story highlights the unique bond and understanding between brides, who can recognize and support each other in ways that others cannot.