Simon's Father (Maupassant)

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Simon's Father
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A young boy, tormented by his peers for not having a father, finds solace in a kind blacksmith who eventually marries the boy's mother, giving the child a sense of belonging and protection.

A young boy named Simon was often teased and bullied by his classmates because he did not have a father. One of the boys at school revealed Simon's lack of a father to his classmates, saying, "You know Simon—well, he has no father."

Simon — young boy; pale, neat, timid; determined and loyal.

One day, after being beaten by his classmates, Simon decided to drown himself in the river. However, a kind-hearted workman named Philip found him crying by the river and decided to help him.

Philip Remy — blacksmith; tall, strong, bearded; kind-hearted, good-natured, and supportive.

He brought Simon back to his mother, La Blanchotte, and offered to be the boy's father.

La Blanchotte — Simon's mother; tall, pale, shy; hardworking, devoted, and protective.

Philip told Simon, "Go and tell your mamma that I shall come to speak to her." This signaled the beginning of a relationship between Philip and La Blanchotte that ultimately led to their marriage.

Simon was overjoyed and proudly told his classmates that his father was Philip Remy, the blacksmith. He said, "My father's name is Philip Remy, the blacksmith, and he will pull the ears of all who do you any harm." The other children stopped teasing him, as they knew Philip was a strong and respected man in the village.

Meanwhile, Philip and La Blanchotte grew closer, and he eventually asked her to marry him. She agreed, and they became a happy family. Philip was a loving and protective father to Simon, and he made sure that the boy was never bullied again. He even promised to box the ears of anyone who tried to harm his son. With the support of his new father and the love of his mother, Simon was able to overcome the challenges he faced and grow up to be a strong and confident young man.