Out of Nazareth (Henry)

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Out of Nazareth
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: J. Pinkney Bloom, a promoter, convinces Colonel Peyton Blaylock and his wife to invest in a town called Skyland. However, the town turns out to be a failure, and Bloom buys the Blaylocks' property in another town, Cold Branch.

In Georgia, a small town called Okochee experienced a boom, and a man named J. Pinkney Bloom made a fortune from it.

J. Pinkney Bloom — promoter; cheery, prosperous.

He bought a large tract of land and created a town called Skyland, which he promoted through mail advertisements. Many people bought lots in Skyland, hoping for a prosperous future.

One day, an elderly couple, Colonel and Mrs. Peyton Blaylock, boarded a steamboat called the Dixie Belle, intending to visit Skyland.

Colonel Peyton Blaylock — investor; devoted to business; dark-eyed, fiery.
Mrs. Peyton Blaylock — Colonel Blaylock's wife; poetic; expressive, clear-eyed.

They had sold their property in Holly Springs and invested their money in a lot in Skyland, planning to open a book and stationery store. Mrs. Blaylock was a poet, known as Lorella, and the couple hoped that the change of scenery would improve her health and happiness.

The mountains ever call to their children.

J. Pinkney Bloom, who was also on the steamboat, befriended the couple and learned of their plans. Feeling guilty about the deception, he decided to help them. He arranged for the steamboat to stop at a nearby town called Cold Branch, where he quickly bought a small bookstore and house for the Blaylocks. He then had a lawyer draw up a deed for the property in the Colonel's name and instructed him to deliver it to the couple at their hotel.

In the end, J. Pinkney Bloom left the Blaylocks with a new home and business, hoping that their dreams of a better life would come true despite the deception that had led them there.