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Summary of the Collection of Short Stories
Microsummary: A collection of 16 short stories from the renowned O. Henry, showcasing his unique storytelling and wit, with themes ranging from love and adventure to introspection and irony.

The Rose of Dixie

The Rose of Dixie (Henry)

The Third Ingredient

The Third Ingredient (Henry)

The Hiding of Black Bill

The Hiding of Black Bill (Henry)

Schools and Schools

Schools and Schools (Henry)

Thimble, Thimble

Thimble, Thimble (Henry)

Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand (Henry)

Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure (Henry)

To Him Who Waits

To Him Who Waits (Henry)

He Also Serves

He Also Serves (Henry)

The Moment of Victory

The Moment of Victory (Henry)

The Head-Hunter

The Head-Hunter (Henry)

No Story

No Story (Henry)

The Higher Pragmatism

The Higher Pragmatism (Henry)


Best-Seller (Henry)

Rus in Urbe

Rus in Urbe (Henry)

A Poor Rule

A Poor Rule (Henry)