Nemesis and the Candy Man (Henry)

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Nemesis and the Candy Man
Summary of the Short Story
from the Collection «The Voice of the City»
Microsummary: A beautiful woman tried to charm a candy man, who initially resisted her advances, but eventually fell for her. Meanwhile, she received news of her true love's departure, leaving her heartbroken.

Honoria and young Ives were discussing their upcoming voyage on the Celtic when they heard a candy man outside selling his sweets. Honoria bought some of his candy, and they found a message inside one of the candies that reminded them of their past love.

As long as skies above are blue To you, my love, I will be true.

Ives tried to win Honoria back, but she remained cold and distant.

Honoria — beautiful, wealthy young woman; prideful, manipulative, and heartbroken.
Ives — Honoria's true love; leaving for a voyage.

Meanwhile, the candy man, who lived in a theatrical district, caught the attention of Mademoiselle Adèle, a performer at the Aërial Roof Garden. She tried to charm him with her beauty, but he remained uninterested and focused on his work. Despite her many attempts to win him over, the candy man continued to resist her advances.

The Candy Man — street peddler; initially resistant to Honoria's charm, but later infatuated with her; rough, practical.

One day, Mademoiselle Adèle asked the candy man to look into her eyes, and he finally seemed to be affected by her beauty. The next day, he dressed up and waited for her under her window, offering her his life savings as a token of his love.

Lady, I've got $800 saved up. Did I say you wasn't beautiful? Take it every bit of it and buy a collar for your dog with it.

However, Mademoiselle Adèle laughed at his offer and told him to go away.

Later, Mademoiselle Adèle received a letter with bad news about her former lover, Monsieur Ives, who was leaving for a voyage across the ocean. She was devastated by the news, and the candy man, hearing her distress, tried to offer his help. However, her maid Sidonie dismissed him, blaming all men for their heartache.