My Twenty-Five Days (Maupassant)

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My Twenty-Five Days
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A man visited a quiet health resort for treatment, where he met and spent time with two mysterious widows, enjoying the beautiful surroundings and the company before they suddenly left.

A man arrived at a hotel in Châtel-Guyon, a small town known for its healing waters, to spend twenty-five days for the benefit of his health. He found a diary left behind by the previous occupant of his room, detailing their experiences in the town. The man decided to follow the treatment prescribed by the diary, which included taking baths, drinking the mineral water, and walking around the town.

During his stay, the man became acquainted with two attractive widows who also frequented the baths and meals at the hotel. He spent time with them, taking them on excursions to nearby towns and even bathing together in a secluded lake. The man enjoyed their company and felt flattered by the attention they received from others.

The Narrator — narrator; a visitor at a health resort seeking treatment; observant, sociable.
The Two Widows — mysterious women met at the health resort; attractive, stylish, and friendly.

Of all luxuries, woman is the rarest and the most distinguished, the one that costs the most and that is the most envied.

However, the widows suddenly left the town, leaving the man to continue his treatment alone. He went on various excursions, exploring the beautiful countryside and discovering interesting local customs. One such custom involved women planting walnut trees as penance for their sins, resulting in a large walnut forest.

As the man's twenty-five days came to an end, he reflected on his experiences and the peacefulness of the town. He prepared to leave, feeling grateful for the time he had spent in Châtel-Guyon and the memories he had made.