Morella (Poe)

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Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A man married a woman named Morella, who introduced him to mysticism and died giving birth to their daughter, who eerily resembled her mother and eventually revealed a terrifying connection to her.

A man became deeply attached to a woman named Morella, and although he did not love her in a romantic sense, they married. Morella was highly intelligent and well-read, and she introduced her husband to various mystical writings. As time passed, the man became increasingly disturbed by Morella's strange behavior and her obsession with the concept of personal identity after death.

The Narrator — husband of Morella; initially fascinated by her knowledge, later tormented by the resemblance between his wife and daughter.
Morella — wife of the narrator; erudite, mysterious, and interested in mysticism; dies giving birth to her daughter.

It is a happiness to wonder;—it is a happiness to dream.

Morella eventually became ill and, on her deathbed, gave birth to a daughter. The man was horrified to find that the child bore an uncanny resemblance to her mother and seemed to possess the same adult intellect and wisdom. As the girl grew older, the similarities between her and Morella became even more pronounced, causing the man great distress.

The Daughter — child of Morella and the narrator; eerily resembles her mother in appearance and intellect; reveals a terrifying connection to her mother.

The man never spoke of Morella to his daughter, and she remained nameless for many years. When the time came for her baptism, the man impulsively decided to name her Morella. Upon hearing her name, the girl responded with "I am here!" and collapsed, dead.

I am here!

The man, now tormented by the memory of both Morellas, buried his daughter in the same tomb as her mother. To his horror, he found no trace of the first Morella's remains when he laid the second Morella to rest.