Miss Klara (Bunin)

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Miss Klara
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A wealthy man from the provinces had a violent encounter with a woman in St. Petersburg, which ended in him fleeing the city and eventually getting arrested.

Irakly Meladze, a Georgian man from Vladikavkaz, was in St Petersburg for his father's business.

Irakly Meladze — son of a rich merchant; gloomy, strong, and impatient; dressed in a fashionable provincial suit.

One evening, he dined at Palkin's, a popular restaurant, where he noticed a beautiful woman, Miss Klara.

Miss Klara — a mighty brunette; imperious, independent, and proud; dressed in black satin and ermine.

Intrigued by her, he decided to approach her and offered to accompany her for the evening. Despite her initial hesitation, she agreed and invited him to her apartment.

Please allow me to accompany you… It’s a little naive on your part to address a lady you don’t know with such a proposal.

At her apartment, they shared a bottle of champagne and engaged in conversation. However, Meladze, unable to control his desire, attempted to force himself on her. In response, she defended herself, hitting him in the stomach.

Impatient as a little boy! Now we’ll drink another glass each and then we’ll go…

In retaliation, he hit her on the head with a bottle, grabbed his belongings, and fled the scene. By midnight, Meladze was on an express train to Moscow. The next day, he boarded a train for Rostov.

At midnight he was sitting in an express train, he was in Moscow at ten in the morning, and at one o’clock he boarded a train for Rostov at the Ryazan Station.

However, his escape was short-lived as he was arrested at a buffet bar at the Rostov station.