Memoirs of a Yellow Dog (Henry)

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Memoirs of a Yellow Dog
Summary of the Short Story
from the Collection «The Four Million»
Microsummary: An unhappy dog and his henpecked owner left their unsatisfying lives in a city flat behind. The dog led the owner to a bar, where they bonded and decided to embark on a new adventure together.

A yellow dog, who was later named Pete, lived with a woman and her husband in a New York flat. The dog was unhappy with his life and felt sorry for the husband, who was henpecked by his wife. The dog was initially sold by an old woman who claimed he was a mix of various prestigious dog breeds.

Yellow Dog (Lovey, Pete) — narrator; unhappy mixed-breed dog; looks like a cross between an Angora cat and a box of lemons; loyal, empathetic, intelligent.

The woman who bought him treated him like a prized pet, smothering him with affection and even attempting to enter him in a competition at Madison Square Garden. The husband, on the other hand, was constantly belittled by his wife and forced to take the dog for walks every evening.

Husband (Hubby, Master) — henpecked husband in a New York flat; sandy hair and whiskers; unhappy with his life; eventually decides to leave with the dog.

The dog observed the wife's daily routine, which mostly consisted of mundane activities and gossiping about their neighbors. The dog began to empathize with the husband and wished for a better life for both of them.

One day, the dog led the husband to a bar, where they both enjoyed themselves. The husband drank several Hot Scotches, and the dog ate a free lunch that was far better than what he was usually fed at home. After their time at the bar, the husband decided to leave his wife and take the dog with him. He removed the dog's collar and told him to go away, but the dog refused to leave his side.

The dog and the husband then took the Twenty-third street ferry to New Jersey, where the husband revealed his plan to head for the Rocky Mountains. The dog was overjoyed when the husband decided to rename him "Pete," as it was a far better name than the previous one given by the wife.

"Me and my doggie, we are bound for the Rocky Mountains."

Together, they left their old lives behind and set off on a new adventure, finally free from the constraints of their unhappy existence in the New York flat.