Memoirs of a Yellow Dog (Henry)

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Memoirs of a Yellow Dog
Summary of a short story
Microsummary: A yellow dog is taken out for a walk every evening by his owner, who is often unhappy and henpecked. One evening, the dog discovers a way to make his owner happy and they escape together to the mountains.

A yellow dog was born in an unknown place and time.

The Narrator — yellow dog; born a yellow pup; owned by a fat woman who calls him "Lovey"; frisky and happy.

He was taken in by an old woman who tried to sell him to a fat lady. The fat lady bought him and he became her pet. He was given the name "Lovey" and was treated like a baby by his mistress.

The Fat Woman — 200-pound woman; narrator's owner; married to a henpecked man; loves the narrator and calls him "Lovey".

The dog lived in a flat in New York with his mistress, her husband, and a rubber plant. His mistress was very affectionate towards him, but her husband was not. He was often henpecked by his wife and had to take the dog out for walks every evening.

The Henpecked Man — small man with sandy hair and whiskers; fat woman's husband; henpecked by his wife; takes the narrator out for walks every evening.

The dog noticed that the husband of the lady across the hall was always cheerful and whistling when he came home from his walks with his dog. The yellow dog asked the black-and-tan terrier how his master managed to stay so cheerful.

The Black-and-Tan Terrier — dog who lives in the flat across the hall from the narrator; owned by a man who takes him out for walks every evening and gets spifflicated in the process; gives the narrator the idea of getting his master drunk in order to escape the flat.

The terrier told him that his master got spifflicated in the saloons they visited. The yellow dog decided to try the same thing with his master. He dragged him to a saloon and his master had several Hot Scotches. After that, the master was much more cheerful and even gave the dog a new name - Pete. The two of them then left for the Rocky Mountains, leaving the flat behind.