Mammon and the Archer (Henry)

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Mammon and the Archer
Summary of a short story
Microsummary: A father and son discussed how money can't buy time, but the son was able to win the heart of a woman without money when a street blockade caused them to be stuck in a cab for two hours.

Old Anthony Rockwall, a retired manufacturer and proprietor of Rockwall's Eureka Soap, was proud of his son Richard.

Anthony Rockwall — retired soap manufacturer and proprietor in his 70s; Richard's father; big, smooth, ruddy countenance, white hair; impolite, disagreeable, ill-mannered.
Richard Rockwall — Anthony's son, recently returned from college in his 20s; tall, handsome; decent, moderate.

Richard was a gentleman, spending only a moderate amount of money on soap and clothes. One day, Anthony noticed that something was wrong with Richard and asked him what was wrong. Richard told him that he was in love with a girl, but he had no chance to talk to her before she sailed for Europe the day after tomorrow. Anthony was sure that his money could help, but Richard said that money couldn't buy time.

Aunt Ellen, Anthony's sister, came to visit and Anthony told her about Richard's problem.

Aunt Ellen — Anthony's sister, gentle, sentimental, wrinkled, sighing; oppressed by wealth.

She said that money was nothing when it came to true love and gave Richard an old gold ring that had belonged to his mother, saying it would bring him luck in love.

The next evening, Richard met the girl at the train station and they took a cab to Wallack's Theatre. On the way, Richard dropped the ring and had to get out of the cab to retrieve it.

Miss Lantry — young woman in her 20s; part of the exclusive circles of society; Richard's love interest.

At that moment, a street blockade occurred and the cab was stuck in the middle of it. Richard and the girl were stuck in the cab for two hours, giving Richard the chance to talk to her and declare his love. In the end, she agreed to marry him.

The next day, Anthony met with a man named Kelly who had helped to organize the street blockade.

Kelly — person with red hands and a blue polka-dot necktie; hired by Anthony to orchestrate the street blockade.

Anthony paid him for his services and asked if he had seen a fat boy shooting arrows with a bow. Kelly said he hadn't, and Anthony chuckled, saying he knew the boy wouldn't be there. In the end, Anthony was proven wrong - it was the power of true love, not money, that had helped Richard find his happiness.