For Sale (Maupassant)

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For Sale
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A man walking along the coast of Brittany discovers a charming house for sale, falls in love with it, and becomes obsessed with finding the woman who once lived there.

A man was walking along the coast of Brittany, enjoying the beautiful spring morning and feeling a profound sense of happiness. As he walked, he came across a procession of fishing boats filled with people singing hymns. The sight and sound of the boats filled him with a sense of wonder and he began to daydream about all the things he desired in life.

I fell dreaming delightful dreams, as youth will dream, absurd divine dreams.

As he continued walking, he stumbled upon a charming house with terraced gardens overlooking the sea. He was immediately captivated by the house and felt a strong connection to it. To his delight, he discovered that the house was for sale.

I felt a sharp thrill of delight, as if this dwelling had been offered to me, as if I had been given it.

He entered the house and found a photograph of a woman who seemed incredibly familiar to him. He felt certain that she was the woman he had been searching for his entire life.

The Narrator — narrator; young, adventurous, and romantic; becomes infatuated with a woman he has never met.

The man questioned the servant about the woman in the photograph, and learned that she had been the lover of the house's owner. The owner had bought the house for her, but she had left him without a word.

Césaire — elderly servant; loyal to her master; nun-like appearance.

The man was overjoyed to learn that the woman was now free and believed that he was destined to find her. Filled with hope and excitement, the man continued his journey along the coast, certain that he would soon meet the woman from the photograph and bring her back to the charming house they were both meant to share.