Compliments of the Season (Henry)

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Compliments of the Season
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A drunk man found a lost rag-doll and returned it to a millionaire's daughter for a reward, but was confronted by criminals who wanted the money. He managed to avoid them and was treated kindly by the millionaire's wife.

A young girl from a millionaire's family lost her beloved rag-doll, causing her great distress. Despite the family's wealth and the numerous expensive toys they bought her, she remained inconsolable. The family offered a reward of one hundred dollars for the return of the rag-doll, which caught the attention of a group of thugs.

The Millionaire — wealthy man; father of the child who lost the rag-doll.
The Child — millionaire's daughter; young girl, attached to her rag-doll.

Children are pestilential little animals with which we have to cope under a bewildering variety of conditions.

Meanwhile, a down-on-his-luck man named Fuzzy found the rag-doll and decided to use it as a prop in his comedic performances at local bars. The thugs approached Fuzzy, offering him money for the doll, but he refused. Fuzzy eventually realized the value of the doll and decided to return it to the millionaire's family to claim the reward.

Fuzzy — narrator; drunk, ragged, and down on his luck; whiskerly, whiskyly, fleshily formidable.

The soul of a real artist is quenched with difficulty.

Upon arriving at the mansion, Fuzzy was welcomed inside and given the reward money. The lady of the house invited him to share a toast with her, during which Fuzzy attempted to recite an ancient salutation but failed. The lady then instructed her staff to escort Fuzzy out and provide him with transportation to wherever he wished to go.

The Lady — millionaire's wife; beautiful, kind, and understanding.

Outside, the thugs waited for Fuzzy, planning to attack him and steal the reward money. However, they were unaware of the kindness shown to Fuzzy by the lady of the house, which ultimately saved him from their clutches.