An Unfinished Story (Henry)

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An Unfinished Story
Summary of a short story
Microsummary: A young woman working in a department store struggled financially. She received an invitation to a fancy dinner but ultimately canceled, choosing to uphold her values and dignity despite her hardships.

Dulcie, a young woman working in a department store, struggled to make ends meet on her meager salary of six dollars per week. Despite her financial difficulties, she managed to maintain a sense of pride and dignity in her appearance. She lived in a small, furnished room filled with her few treasured possessions, including a photograph of General Kitchener, whom she admired and considered her only friend.

One day, Dulcie received an invitation to dinner from a man known as Piggy. Piggy had a reputation for being a "spender" and for taking young women out to fancy dinners. Dulcie's coworkers were envious of her opportunity to experience a taste of luxury, and she eagerly anticipated the evening. She spent her last fifty cents on an imitation lace collar to complete her outfit, sacrificing her budget for food in the process.

As Dulcie prepared for her evening out, she felt a mixture of excitement and apprehension. She knew that this was a rare opportunity for her to experience a world beyond her everyday struggles. However, as she looked at herself in the mirror, she caught sight of General Kitchener's photograph and was struck by a sense of guilt and shame. She realized that she could not go through with the date, as it would betray her own values and the respect she held for the General.

Dulcie decided to cancel her date with Piggy, telling her landlady to inform him that she was not feeling well. After the landlady left, Dulcie cried for a while, mourning the loss of her chance to experience a brief moment of luxury. She then spent the evening alone in her room, eating a meager meal of crackers and raspberry jam, and talking to the photograph of General Kitchener.

The story ends with the implication that Dulcie's resolve may not be as strong in the future, as she may eventually give in to the temptation of a luxurious evening out when faced with loneliness and the persistent advances of men like Piggy.