After the Race (Joyce)

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After the Race
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A group of young men enjoyed a night of drinking, gambling, and camaraderie, but one of them lost a significant amount of money and regretted his actions the next morning.

A group of four young men, Charles Segouin, Andre Riviere, a Hungarian named Villona, and a man named Doyle, were driving towards Dublin in a car after a race. They were all in high spirits, particularly because the French cars had performed well in the race.

Charles Segouin — owner of the car; wealthy, refined, good-humored.
Andre Riviere — young electrician of Canadian birth; ambitious, friendly.
Villona — huge Hungarian; brilliant pianist, optimistic, poor.
Doyle — neatly groomed young man; sociable, cheerful.

The group decided to dine together that evening at Segouin's hotel. During the dinner, the conversation shifted from music to politics, and the young men became increasingly excited. After the meal, they strolled through the city, eventually boarding a train to Kingstown.

That night the city wore the mask of a capital.

There, they took a rowboat to an American's yacht, where they enjoyed a light supper, music, and card games. As the night wore on, the card games became more intense, and Jimmy, one of the young men, realized he was losing a significant amount of money.

Jimmy — young man with a light brown moustache and grey eyes; son of a wealthy butcher; inexperienced, excited.

Despite his losses, he continued to play, hoping for a change in his luck. Eventually, the group decided to play one final game, which resulted in Routh winning. Jimmy and Farley were the heaviest losers of the night. Exhausted and regretful, Jimmy rested his head on the table, counting the beats of his temples as daybreak approached.