A Service of Love (Henry)

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A Service of Love
Summary of a short story
Microsummary: Two young artists sacrifice their pride and comfort for the sake of their art when money gets tight, with one taking on a job teaching music lessons and the other taking on a job in a laundry.

Joe Larrabee and Delia Caruthers were two young artists from different parts of the United States.

Joe Larrabee — young male artist from the Midwest; flowing necktie and a capital tied up; enthusiastic about morning-effect sketches; Monte Cristo-like.
Delia Caruthers — young female musician from the South; six octaves; gentle and high-bred; sweetest, simplest manners; wears white.

They met in an art and music school and soon fell in love. They got married and moved into a small flat. Joe was studying painting under the great artist Magister, while Delia was studying music under the renowned musician Rosenstock.

They were happy and content with their lives, but soon their money ran out and they had to find a way to make ends meet. Delia decided to start giving music lessons to make some extra money, while Joe kept on with his painting.

Delia found a student, Clementina, the daughter of General Pinkney, a distinguished widower. She was a delicate girl and Delia quickly grew fond of her. She was paid five dollars for each lesson and was able to make enough money to keep them going.

Meanwhile, Joe was able to sell two of his paintings to a man from Peoria. He was so excited that he came home with eighteen dollars in his pocket. Delia was also excited, but she was hiding something. She had burned her hand while serving a Welsh rabbit to Clementina and had made up a story to cover it up.

Joe soon found out the truth and was touched by Delia's sacrifice. He realized that she had been working in a laundry for the past two weeks to make sure he could keep on with his painting. He was so moved by her love and dedication that he declared his love for her once again.