A Ramble in Aphasia (Henry)

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A Ramble in Aphasia
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A man suffering from aphasia, a condition that causes memory loss, finds himself in New York with no recollection of his identity. He assumes a new name and embarks on a carefree and liberating adventure.

A man named Elwyn C. Bellford, a prominent lawyer, mysteriously went missing from his home. He had been working tirelessly on a famous railroad law case and his friend, Doctor Volney, had warned him that he might suffer from aphasia due to overwork. One day, Elwyn woke up on a train with no memory of his past life and decided to call himself Edward Pinkhammer.

Edward Pinkhammer — man suffering from aphasia; assumes a new identity as a druggist; carefree, adventurous.

He found himself in New York City and began to live a carefree life, attending the Druggists' National Convention and enjoying the city's nightlife. While on the train, he met a fellow traveler named Mr. Bolder.

Mr. Bolder — stout, spectacled gentleman; druggist; friendly, talkative.

When asked about his identity, Edward assumed a new identity as a druggist named Edward Pinkhammer.

My name is Edward Pinkhammer. I am a druggist, and my home is in Cornopolis, Kansas.

One day, while dining at a restaurant, a woman approached him and claimed to be his wife.

The Lady — a woman Edward encounters in a restaurant; recognizes him as Elwyn Bellford; emotional, hopeful.

She begged him to remember her, but he insisted that he was Edward Pinkhammer and had no recollection of his past life.

I am deeply sorry that I cannot remember. I could explain, but fear you would not understand.

Later, Doctor Volney found him and tried to convince him that he was suffering from aphasia and that the woman was indeed his wife.

Doctor Volney — Edward's friend and physician; concerned about his well-being; supportive.

Elwyn agreed to be treated by Doctor Volney, but only if the cure happened suddenly. After throwing a vase of white roses out the window, Elwyn finally admitted to Doctor Volney that he had been faking his memory loss and that he was tired of the charade. He asked the doctor to bring his wife in, and they were reunited.