A Philistine in Bohemia (Henry)

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A Philistine in Bohemia
Summary of the Short Story
from the Collection «The Voice of the City»
Microsummary: A young woman, suspicious of her suitor's intentions, feared he was a foreign nobleman trying to avoid paying rent, but discovered he was a respected chef and happily agreed to marry him.

In a neighborhood filled with immigrants and exiles, Katy Dempsey and her mother ran a furnished-room house. Among their lodgers was a man named Mr. Brunelli, who stood out for his prompt rent payments and stylish attire.

Katy Dempsey — daughter of a furnished-room house owner; beautiful, freckled, and wholesome.
Antonio Brunelli — lodger at Katy's house; charming, well-dressed, and a talented chef.

He had a mysterious air about him, leaving the house at noon and returning at midnight. Mr. Brunelli soon became enamored with Katy, and she found herself attracted to him as well. However, she was hesitant, fearing that he might be a foreign nobleman with no money. Katy is talking to her mother about her feelings for Antonio Brunelli, expressing her admiration for his manners and the way he makes her feel special.

He’s more politeness than twinty candidates for Alderman, and lie makes me feel like a queen whin he walks at me side.

One day, Mr. Brunelli invited Katy to dine with him at a secret restaurant called 'Tonio's, known for its exclusivity and delicious food. Upon arriving, Mr. Brunelli was greeted with applause and admiration from the other diners. Katy's suspicions about his nobility grew, and she became increasingly worried about their potential future together.

As the meal progressed, Mr. Brunelli revealed that he was, in fact, the famous 'Tonio, the chef and owner of the restaurant. He confessed his love for Katy and asked her to marry him.

I loave you, Katy, and you shall marry with me. Is it not so? Call me ‘Antonio,’ and say that you will be mine.

Relieved that he was not a penniless nobleman, Katy happily agreed to marry him, expressing her delight that he was a cook rather than a foreign count.