A Lickpenny Lover (Henry)

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A Lickpenny Lover
Summary of the Short Story
from the Collection «The Voice of the City»
Microsummary: A wealthy man fell in love with a beautiful shopgirl and proposed marriage, offering her a life of luxury and travel, but she rejected him, thinking his promises were too good to be true.

Masie was an 18-year-old salesgirl at the Biggest Store, where she sold gloves to men. She was beautiful and shrewd, and had learned much about people from her job. One day, Irving Carter, a wealthy painter, entered the store and was immediately smitten with Masie.

Irving Carter — painter, millionaire, and romantic; persistent, enamored, and well-mannered.

He asked her if he could see her again, and she agreed to meet him at a street corner near her home.

Masie — shopgirl; beautiful, shrewd, and skeptical; experienced in dealing with men's advances.

Over the next two weeks, Carter and Masie spent time together, and Carter fell deeply in love with her. He asked her to marry him, promising her a life of luxury and travel.

Marry me, Masie, and we will go away from this ugly city to beautiful ones.

He described beautiful cities with eternal summer, where they could forget about work and enjoy life. Masie seemed to be moved by his words, but then suddenly changed her mood and said they should go home.

I think we had better be going home. It's getting late.

The next day at the store, Masie's friend Lulu asked her about her relationship with Carter. Masie dismissed him, saying he wanted her to marry him and go to Coney Island for their honeymoon. She seemed uninterested in his promises of luxury and travel, and it appeared that their relationship had come to an end.